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Chinese Dietary Therapy

With Jeffrey Yuen

The most important avenue of medical intervention is a deep and throough evaluation of one's dietary habits. This course will foster an understanding of the physiology of digestion and the clinical applications of Chinese nutritional stategies. Chinese medicine places a high value on the quality of food and the actual process of eating a meal. In this course, you will learn how to use food as a first treatment modality to promote health and prevent disease. This class will also offer guidance for developing a Materia Medica based on local and seasonal options while understanding the Yin and Yang nature of foods and a close look at food preparation and food combinations. 


Day 1: Constructing a Materia Medica for Food

  • Food Therapy as a Healing Modality -- The importance of Food as a First Treatment Modality, using food to promote health and prevent disease. 
  • Developing your Materia Medica based on local and seasonal options. Eating in sync with nature and in harmony with seasonal and local availablity. 

Day 2: Ying and Yang Nature of Food/Basic Food Catergories

  • The Ying and Yang Nature of Foods -- Their energetic functions and clinical applications. Nutritional value of Yin natured foods and Yang natured foods.
  • Basic Food Catergories and their Energetics -- Understanding the Chinese Medical Food Pyramid and its individual components. 

Day 3: Food Preparation & Food Combinations

  • Proper Food Preparation and Cooking Strategies -- How to cook certain foods to get the most nutritional value, how to cook certain foods to alter their energetic function. 
  • The Chinese Medical approach to food combinations -- Combinations to promote health and digestion, combinations that are harmful and counterproductive to the digestive process, food allergies and their resolution.

October 16th 2018 - October 28th 2018 DYNAMICS OF FOOD AND ENERGETICS OF NOURISHMENT

Day 1: Energetic of Seeds, Legumes, Nuts, and Grains

  • Specific energetics of Seeds and Nuts. 
  • Specific energetics of Legumes and Grains. 

Day 2: Energetics of Vegetables and Fruits/Energetics of Animals and Dairy

  • Specific energetics of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Specific energetics of Animal Proteins and Dairy Products concumption.

Day 3: Allergies & Intolerances -- Clearing and Strengthening

  • Etiology and biogenesis of food allergies and intolerances, the modern American diet and the agricultural industries' influence on our diets.
  • Therapeutic dietary plans for treating major food allergies and intolerances- strengthening the digestive function and clearing pathology contributing to allergies and intolerances. 


Day 1: Understanding Macronutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

  • An in-depth understanding of Macronutrients from a Chinese Medicine Perspective and Understanding Vitamin and Mineral Macronutrients.
  • An in-depth understanding of Vitamins and Minerals from a Chinese Medicine Perspective.

Day 2: Basic Guidelines and Energetics of Western Diet Plans

  • Introduction to popular Western Diet Plans from a Chinese Medicine Perspective: Ketogenci, Pritkin, and Atkins.
  • Introduction to Popular Western Diet Plans Continued: Vegan, Raw Food, and Gerson. 

Day 3: The Chinese Medicine Dietary Approach to Cancer

  • Intoduction to the Chinese Medicine Cancer Diet - foods for various cancers.
  • Chinese Medical Dietary Therapy for multiple stages of Cancer

April 4th 2019 - April 7th 2019 DIETARY THERAPY: Prevention, Wellness and Therapeutics

Day 1: An Understanding of Western Nutritional Substances in Chinese Medicine- Proteins, Carbs, Fats

  • Intro to Western Nutritional Substances from a Chinese Medial Perspective: Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Understanding the benefits and risks of a diet totally focused on Proteins, Carbs, and Fats.
  • Roles of Minerals in Nutrition from a Chinese Medicine Perspective. Specific foods and their mineral content, food combinations for optimal mineral extraction.

Day 2: Diet for Disease Prevention and Wellness - Food Therapy for Different Stages fo Life

  • Seasonal Foods and Foods for Pregnancy and Children
  • Foods for Adolescence, Adulthood, and the Elderly.

Day 3: Diet for TCM Patterns - Excesses and Stagnations

  • Diet plans and protocols for treating Excesses and Stagnations - Foods for Prevention. 
  • Diet plans and protocols for treating Excesses and Stagnations - Foods for the treatment of acute and chronic Excesses and Stagnations.

Day 4: Diet for TCM Patterns - Deficiencies 

  • Diet plans and protocols for treating Deficiencies - Foods for Prevention
  • Diet plans and protocols for treating Deficiencies - Foods for the treatment of acute and chronic Deficiencies. 

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Daoist Healing Arts Presents
2018 Classes

Stones and Creativity

With Jeffrey Yuen

September 13th to September 16th 2018

Thursday: 5pm- 8pm

Firday & Saturday: 3pm- 8pm

Sunday: 9am- 11am

Westminster, Co

The Westin Westminister Hotel   

 10600 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020

Ge Hong, a Daoist priest in the Jin Dynasty, taught that stones convey permanence in healing and are imparted with divine knowledge from heaven, representing heavens light permeating the darkness of caves. As such, the density and solidity of stone medicine offeres stabilization of the practioner's interntions to offer wellness on a deep level. In this course, Jeffrey Yuen will explore the energetic functions of stones and discuss their Chinese medical application to unlocking our creativity, one of the 9 Heart Palaces. Crativity, the 5th palace, lies between between the Relationship and the Global palaces, the expressions of our creativity with each other, and the expressions of creativity with the world. Previously seen as the fruit of one's interpersonal relationship, a child represented by the 5th palace. Based on our current lifestyles, Creativity can represent and and everything that nourishes our heart and spirit, the things that give us a sense of peace and joy. This could be our art, literature, music, inventions, and our medicine. This class will allow you to explore your personal realtionship with Creativity and how it can nourish your spirit. 

♦ Lodging ♦

The Westin Westminster Hotel room block under Daoist Healing Arts

          $425 ♦ 15 CEU's

 (applied for NCCAOM approval)


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